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Evolution Realty is a new approach combining education, training, operations and technology to provide a better, more broad experience for brokers and associates. Our operations are specifically designed to be additive to our brokers business knowledge. The result is better trained more professional brokers, better suited to serve consumers in today’s market and beyond.

ERI is a training focused organization providing a real-world learning environment for real estate professionals. The organization is designed to help professionals at every level develop a profitable career and navigate the changes in the real estate market over the next 10-20 years. For new/early stage brokers it’s a training first, production second approach to building better brokers. For more experienced brokers, it provides specialized tools and resources for working with investors, international and specialty buyers/sellers. All our brokers benefit from great tools, flexible technologies and a successful, supportive culture. This combined approach provides the basics for those that wish with specialization for those that don’t, is unique in the industry and built for success.

Our brokerage is designed as a nimble, growth oriented organization, flexible and change ready. Residential real estate is one of the most disrupted markets of the last decade. The influence of technology in our business is undeniable. Changing demographics, increasing competition from traditional and non-traditional entrants have influenced our approach to training brokers to work with buyers and sellers.

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Contact Evolution to learn more or call 720-239-7444