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If you’re new to real estate and looking to start your real estate career, Evolution was designed for you. We provide the tools, technologies and training to build a long-term, successful career. We start with a commitment to finding the best candidates. Our partnership with Alignmark will show your personal skills and areas for improvement. Start here by investing eight minutes with our (Sales Personality Assessment). If you’re just starting out and are looking for an online pre-licensing option, our partners at The CE Shop offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate schools. Click here: (The CE Shop) to access the Evolution Realty portal for unique class offerings and special pricing.

If you’re already a real estate professional, invest 30 minutes to test your sales skills here: (Real Estate Skills).See how you stack up to the real estate industry’s best and learn what tomorrow’s millennial customers expect from their brokers. A fulfilling, successful career takes planing, commitment and training on everyones part. Your hard work combined with our experience and approach could be the answer to your career goals. Join the Evolution today.